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E-commerce Done For You.
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We have a team of expert individuals that are motivated by your success.
Product Research
Sell products that are proven to win. Our product research department works hours on end to find the hottest products on the market.
Web Design
With more than 10 years of experience in web and graphic design, we create e-commerce stores that are optimized to convert!
Maintain profitable front end results on all platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google & more!
Brand Management
Run your brand on auto-pilot using our full automation services. Backend management always includes customer service and automated fulfillment.

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Over 1,000 Investors
24/7 Access To Industry Experts
Proven Marketing Strategies

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The Core Values Behind Buildmybrand

Our Mission

We strive in being the gateway to people that are looking to start generating revenue online!
Let us do the heavy lifting
Your Partner in Online Revenue Success
Striving for Online Entrepreneurial Success

Elevating Success With All Our Partners

At Buildmybrand Inc., "Satisfied Partners" is a core value that underscores our dedication to fostering strong, lasting relationships. We believe that the satisfaction of our partners is not just a measure of our success but the foundation for collaborative growth and mutual prosperity. By prioritizing the happiness and success of those we work with, we ensure a foundation of trust, respect, and enduring partnerships.
Fosters Lasting Collaborative Relationships
Establish a Foundation for Growth
Ensures Sustainable, Shared Success

Nurturing a Culture of Continuous Growth

We take ownership, recognizing the impact our actions can have on clients and the company. Committed to personal and professional growth, we continuously enhance our skills to deliver exceptional service. By embracing a culture of growth, we ensure that BuildMyBrand Inc stays ahead of the competition and continues to provide exceptional service to our clients.
Dedicated to Professional Skill Enhancement
Embrace a Culture of Innovation
Stay Ahead in a Competitive Landscape

Team Synergy at BuildMyBrand Inc: Accountability in Action

At BuildMyBrand Inc, team accountability is key for client success. Each member takes responsibility for actions, decisions, and contributions. We prioritize open communication, transparency, and mutual ownership, fostering teamwork to achieve common goals and address challenges promptly.
Promote Open Communication and Transparency
Embrace Ownership of Actions and Decisions
Dedicated Team Collaboration for Goals

Success Stories

$80,000 In Under 30 Days

We took a brand new product from $0-80,000+ in less than a month.

$40,000 In 7 Days

$40,000 Generated on front end sales in 7 days with a 20% margin.

$15,000 Profit In 45 Days

$15,000 pocketed within the first 45 days of launching a new brand!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Shelton Powell
founder, ceo
Tosh Gilbreath
client success manager
Mario Moubarak
product sourcing
rod rashell
senior account
Courtney sharp
senior Account
Luke Makitalo
senior Account